Throughout the history of this country a constant is and will be solidarity, determination, will, hope… being resilient is one of the greatest virtues, for most Mexicans to tell the truth, economic, natural disasters have literally fact that united by lifting stone by stone, bonds and bonds of unshakable faith are built, which leads him to be an example in the world, his patriotism, culture, history shows it and today he joins again this war against a more deadly invisible enemy , the movement staying at home, brings more than positive consequences in the slowdown of COVID 19, they are supporting small businesses in order to keep the economy moving, opening new markets and channels to give opportunity to get ahead, today more than ever the whole world needs that we join that spirit of solidarity, thanking those who for us leave their homes day after day to continue working, doctors, nurses , drivers, police, etc. Thank you for your tenacity, strength and for putting your own health at risk to help us all be safe, be empathetic, fair and resilient, save lives too, be part of this effort guaranteeing our next generations a better world, today … STAY AT HOME!

*** We do not know the authorship of this video, the credits correspond entirely to that initiative #quedateencasa whoever has the information on the credits please let us know, applause for the participating creators and artists.

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