Well when we have a multidisciplinary talent at first it gets a little tricky just to talk about one of his activities, so the only option Angela and Rubén had, was to let them be seduced by Tonanni’s talent and charisma (Tonanni as he is known in the music world)

Let’s make it clear that not all the singers are really prepared in various disciplines, not all the celebrities are really talented, so that day by day we can paradoxically decide that this reality exists…, Tonanni is an example of this, Torrego , remember with love the first day in which he met him, the very first time Tonanni and Torrego met each other Tonanni approached to Torrego super exited saying… Hello, I am Tonanni, my friend tells me that you also sing! I want to invite you to my next presentation! His joy, charisma, enthusiasm, childish gaze with contagious energy undeniably hinted Torrego, he had been curious to know more about this guy with such kind of joy and passion about what he do for living and loves, since that has been several years… but let us tell you all this history do not end with just a thought, Torrego is ultra curious too, that curiosity take him to finally saw Tonanni’s SHOW and we will tell you Torrego salute Tonanni from the audience with a loud BRAVOOOOOO and make an standing ovation to him.

We have also had the opportunity to have you twice here on our channel, he’s interviews being one of the most watched videos by all of you, this and our desire to continue to have everyone with the fresh news, we call Tonanni and as always with a step forward and says Oh YES!! when you want I’ll go to ESTOTV studios and we will make the interview! So he is always willing and always with news to tell, always with new projects, with ideas that arrive and do not go unnoticed, quite the contrary they come and he makes them come true, that’s exactly how  this new project come to his mind and now is a reality the “TAP JAZZ” Show is a tap dance, singing, dancers, orchestra, vibrant stage as well as your personality, always shining and giving yourself away.

We already know that now you are curious and do not want to simply listen to him tell us about his projects… you want to watch this show!!!

For sure we will make this production reach to all of you to, for now we will give you only a few moments that we know left you all tiwh that mouth taste of want more, for sure you also asking yourself when will be the next Tonanni’s presentation!!!

We will already talk about what we comment at the beginning about him, he is a polyfacetic and multidisciplinary artist…

Singer… YES!

Professional tap dancer… YES!

Entrepreneur… YES!

Piano player… YES!

What’s more to come of this Italian-Brazilian talent is that everyone want to know… we clearly look into his eyes his hiding a thousand projects that actually want to scream or sing them to the wind to everyone enjoy with him too, but those five minutes of maturity and liking to surprise taste in his mouth make him just look at us and like a child leaving to our imagination what is next to come…

If depends of us it would not only be many projects to come, we would bring him to ESTOTV to do them together and vibrate with this unique energy of our dear friend the talented André Tonanni. Stay tuned on ESTOTV that news is in the air and every day, we are getting further to more countries and that’s where we go!!

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