2020 contains some of the most transformative and life-changing aspects we’ve seen in a long time! The frequency of the Universe is increasing and we all choose to be here to help uplift the planet in a new and positive direction, much of what unfolds in 2020 will shape the coming decade, especially at the global level, and we are all instrumental in changing it slowly will unfold, Rita Maluf here in A TEMPO together with Rubén Torrego come with everything to talk about the things that have been happening so quickly and without a doubt leaving marked paths for the whole decade if not … for the whole life.

Right now, with the conjunction of Saturn Pluto (and Jupiter) the biggest alignment to occur in 2020 is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which is definitely a huge astrological headline! Saturn and Pluto meet every 35 to 38 years (with the last one in 1983), but none of us alive today went through that encounter in Capricorn and none of us will ever do it again, that is rare, great energy that will really be an important participant throughout the year and throughout the decade, although Saturn and Pluto align or come together only once on January 12, 2020, they will be dancing across the cosmic skies making special alignments throughout the year with Jupiter uniting too! , this energy has many layers, it can be summed up simply as an alignment that brings destruction and a need for reconstruction to create a new world.

We are likely to see this “destruction and reconstruction” taking place in areas related to Capricorn, which include government, large companies, the economy and banks, the energy of this alignment can also bring about power struggles and a change of power or how we see power as a society, the presence of Jupiter can also help create the beginning of a new paradigm, where we change what we value as a society.

As mentioned, this is a great and transformative energy and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds throughout the year and even in the new decade, even if this energy is something that we feel mainly at the global or collective level, we can also see things reflected in our own lives and feel this need to rebuild areas that are no longer aligned with the place where we want to put our power, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will remain in Capricorn most of the year, this strong Capricorn energy means that we will all be encouraged to stay on the ground and focus on actually building and creating something tangible.

Saturn moves to Aquarius … While Saturn will be in Capricorn most of the year, he also briefly dips his toes in Aquarius, this is another big change that we will feel like Saturn has been in Capricorn for the last 2.5 years, making Saturn entering a new sign will bring renewed energy and a new set of lessons for all of us to work on.

As Saturn prepares to make this transition, we will be instructed to end the karmic lessons we’ve worked with in recent years, the good news is that when Saturn leaves one house for another, he tends to leave a gift behind, almost like a reward for all our hard work! Saturn briefly enters Aquarius on March 21, 2020, but departs again a few months later, December 17, 2020, will return to Aquarius, where it will remain for the next 2.5 years.

Interestingly, Jupiter will also move to Aquarius a few days later, on December 19, 2020, but Saturn and Jupiter together in Aquarius are something we will explore further in 2021; Lunar knots change signs and six eclipses, 2020, we start and end the year with Eclipses and we have Eclipses in the middle of the year also in June and July.

Lunar Nodes, which are mathematical points that dictate Eclipse cycles will also change signs in 2020, they have been working on the Cancer and Capricorn axis since 2018, but in May 2020, they will move to Gemini and Sagittarius. This means that we will start to see eclipses leaving Capricorn and Cancer and entering Gemini and Sagittarius, signaling the beginning of a new cycle of Eclipse, normally we have four eclipses per year – two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses, but the interesting one from 2020 is that we have six eclipses! This will not happen again until 2029, which is even more interesting, is that four of these eclipses are lunar eclipses!

Having four lunar eclipses can be a bit intense, as they are generally more dissonant than a solar eclipse, this enhances this message from the Universe that big changes and changes are on the way, eclipses open portals to new paths, but lunar eclipses usually mean that we have to let something happen for the path to be accessed. There may be a lot of disillusionment in 2020, and this is something that we will all feel, regardless of our sign.

Already eager to continue talking to Rita about everything that happens and can happen thanks to the transitions of the planets in our wonderful Universe that is always conspiring … for or against?

Let’s leave it to find out how much we are living and learning in this life!!

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