Obviously, we were not going to leave you wanting to continue seeing dear Adriana Amaral, so as promised is debt, here is the second part of this wonderful interview that simply left us wanting to make the third, fourth and fifth part!

It’s easy to imagine that for some people things are very easy and simple as if they were born for “that” or for everything! There is even a saying that says “Luck is crazy and anyone touches”, well, let’s talk about that, because to be honest, there may be people who are fortunate to be and do things at the right time and place, but that does not mean that it is “luck”, to be prepared to accept the opportunities that arise in life we ​​have to have to offer initially with something or activity we have to start, regardless of age, color, gender or biotype, Rubén Torrego gives the Welcome with great pleasure to Adriana Amaral, a talented presenter and journalist from one of the most important FTA Channels in Brazil, she tells us how she started her career and how she was interested in journalism and television. Before television, Adriana studied to be an architect but a serendipity completely changed the way. Aren’t you curious to know what happened to Adriana Amaral?

We are and remain connected, paying attention to everything she has told us in front of and behind the camera.

This interview was so complete than we will present it in two parts, she had so much to talk about many important subjects so we have to wait to keep continuous watching more about Adiana Amara, do not miss this chance to know one of the most charismatic Brazilian TV Host.

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