Paulo Kev is interviewed by our anchor presenter Rubén Torrego for the segment ESTOTUCASA, it was definitely an intelligent chat, with traits of good humor and lots of information, we are sure that everyone was curious to know the myths and realities on this topic that did not have been placed as a reality in the not too distant future, alias had not even been presented or much less commented, Rubén Torrego and Paulo Kev talk about the importance of giving a different direction to our current moment of the use of the energy as such, Paulo have been working on this idea and proposal for almost a decade, no doubt when an innovative and revolutionary proposal is presented not only in the daily life of our lives but in the very history of a country and the world, it is not easy, we have to listen to many conspiracy theories and many “no” in the way, but when in addition to the idea, theory, hypothesis, experimentation and practice is created, testing it once and once again, until they are sure that they are going to be on the right path, these proposals are no longer simple revolutionary proposals and become viable projects for the sustenance and distribution of the use and administration of energy as such, Paulo Kev has already presented this project for the different competent ministries in Brazil, and a few other countries, as well as present within ONU meetings talking about the environment, consequences and how we could harness and transform the hitherto use of electricity by pure energy.

Do you think of the simple idea of stopping using water as a resource in electricity generation?
Or no need the use of wind energy to generating electricity?
Or what about the generation by heliothermic energy?
No need the Nuclear power to generation energy?
Or even stop the use of petroleum to generate electricity?

Generation of energy by the energy itself multiplied and placed in “containers” administered and distributed by “packages” to the citizens, would be as much as buying credits for the cell phone and using until they finish … Is this right? Is it feasible for the citizen to have this option as a resource? Will governments allow stopping profiting from it in which have been profiting so far and as citizens we have paid taxes and constructions that might no longer be necessary for this proposal?

We know a change so it will bring many votes in favor and many against, especially when it is undoubtedly a change that can transform the way in which until today has been seen and accepted the electric energy, it is clear that to transform the product indisputably will change the consumer, no doubt a radical change, but not impossible, but rather the opposite, for many as any change will be contradictory, controversial or unnecessary, difficult to accept, many will benefit and many disadvantaged since it is an opportunity of incalculable value to be transformed into business, this is a fact, everything can become business anywhere in the world, in this case in particular is not the exception, but enter political, diplomatic, economic, environmental, urban, risk, costs factors for the citizen and many other factors that would undoubtedly have to be evaluated before even thinking about the possibility of giving light to such an ambitious project.
An interview to be thought out and reconsidered once and twice until you understand exactly what the biggest challenge will be, and what will be the greatest benefit to citizens and governments by switching from electric energy to energy?

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