It is always important to understand what is happening to us before trying to understand what is happening to others, to dive into our thoughts, feelings, conscience and soul … OUCH is a lot of information and we are not always willing to really listen what we’re really saying to ourselves!

It seems like a joke or a play on words, but it is within our thoughts, but the reality is far beyond and we have to work on it day by day, Rubén Torrego shares an insight that many of us are experiencing or know about. several people who are.

“People are very aware of the … situation. They are not crazy. But, for them, the facts are simply less important than their feelings … It doesn’t matter if the feelings are based on facts, they are justified or whether others agree or not: this is how they feel and the most important thing “.

A practical definition: A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false with evidence, for example: “Winter follows autumn”. An event that happened in the past or something that already exists. An opinion is an expression of a person’s belief or judgment and therefore cannot be substantiated with evidence, for example: “Summer nights are better than winter nights”. Opinions can be based on facts or emotions and sometimes serve to deliberately deceive other people (ie, politics). However, most of the time, people unconsciously mix facts and opinions. How can you easily distinguish between the two?

Opinions are usually preceded by terms like “I think” or “I believe” or with adjectives, comparatives and superlatives such as ‘good’, ‘best’, ‘stupid’ etc. etc. When you want to know if the statement is a fact, you just need to ask, “Where did you get your information from?” or “What evidence do you have?”

You may come across situations where people are irritated when you ask for (more) evidence. Hold on! Keep asking until you conclude “we don’t know and we want to find out” or accept that it is not a fact, but an opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you don’t always have to agree with that opinion. It could even generate new insights and better understanding of each other.

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