The saying is most commonly said when there is a betrayal in the relationship, but it is also used in other situations, for example: it may even be what we eat, if the food presents appetizingly, we often do not even know from the smell if it is contaminated. or not. However, the theme in this episode is the affective relationship and specifically adultery. Interestingly, in English, what is closest to this saying is out of sight, out of mind.


In the FILTER-FREE chat, there were some differences in the subject, it is not always necessary to see to believe. Many times intuition itself shows us signs and then, if there is confession or proof … the heart, the intuition or rather the mind have the verdict. Here, understand what the word intuition means, if necessary, according to the online dictionary, the word intuition means:

Ability to predict, guess a future event; feeling Ability to understand, identify or assume things that do not depend on empirical knowledge, rational concepts or more specific evaluations. Clear, direct or immediate knowledge of the truth without the help of reasoning. (Religion) Clear vision that the saints or the blessed have of God. (Philosophy) A way to obtain instant knowledge without reasoning interference. Etymology (origin of the word intuition). From the Latin intuitio.onis.

It is known that women have this sixth sense, but how true is that? Well, according to experts, there is a scientific explanation for this, says neurologist Martin Portner: The determinant for intuition to be a feminine characteristic has a name and surname: corpus callosum “The link between the two hemispheres of the brain is established. Called” corpus callosum. “Studies show that experts from many countries have found that in women the nerve impulse traffic through this channel is” higher. “ – explain-female-intuition.html

Who has not ever heard of women who already feel something is wrong with their son? According to Keli Savieto, she can detect by voice when she talks to her husband and he replies that everything is fine, when in reality she feels that something is wrong with her husband. She concludes that most of the time her intuition is correct.

Science shows that intuition is a brain capacity that involves cross-checking information from the two hemispheres: the left, which is rational, and the right, emotional. The ability of mothers to recognize that a child is sick or sick, even without seeing, is often assertive. Who has not had this “extraordinary” experience?

On the other hand, how can you prove someone is cheating on you if you don’t have strong evidence? The proverb also has to discuss this issue about not seeing but feeling through other signs. An important question is about subjectivity and judgment, which depend largely on how one interprets and sees what is right or wrong. The term judgment itself means an evaluation or decision that the subject makes on a series of factors or evidence for the formation of a grounded final judgment. But, it depends on several things, insecurity, low self-esteem and even jealousy in themselves can affect false judgments, so we begin by asking: what the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel, but when it comes to judgments they also need concrete evidence, another proverb that is more than correct is that of Sao Tome that says … See to believe.

Saint Thomas was one of the 12 apostles who most let his human side speak loudly and doubted Jesus when he prophesied that he would rise again on the third day. Thomas only believed after seeing and touching the marks of the crucifixion he suffered on his skin. And this is how this popular saying was born to be believed.

The question of what the eyes do not see the heart does not feel, has to do with our own problems of love. Jealousy, experiences of love and even our own subjectivity are influenced by how we feel. If a person feels safe and has self-esteem, they often do not question what is happening to the other, Diana Dahre reports. Love relationships are learned within family, cultural and social references. Each person learns to love differently according to their subjectivity. Right or wrong within a relationship is something very peculiar, nowadays treason is no longer a taboo, but it is still a matter of great curiosity.

The psychoanalyst also agrees with the popular saying that the seeker thinks. When there are doubts in the air, or intuition itself says that something is wrong, adultery is often discovered. Diana also comments that this is not something to fear all the time, because doubt can even be a waste of time and energy.

At the end of this conversation, Rubén Torrego agrees with the participants Diana and Keli that, on the one hand, intuition always shows that there is something in the air that is suspected of the truth, but also that you cannot judge and worry everything time … waste of energy thinking about what may or may not be happening. Joking concludes Rubén Torrego that anyone who commits an act of treason would have to be very intelligent, do it well to not be discovered, but he affirms … when it smells like something strange in the air, you can be sure that there is surely the inevitable has already happened. As the talented writer William Shakespeare would say in one of his masterpieces “Hamlet.”

– There’s something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark-

The question here for the viewers is, if there is no evidence, do they not suffer for possible betrayal? Or do we not even see that we feel that adultery may be about to be or has already been consummated?

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