Let’s tell the truth, they have friends who were born to be born and will be born, Diana Dahre and Rubén Torrego took time to meet and, once they crossed the roads, ZAZ, to separate them even remotely. Starting because neither of them was born in the city where they met and, despite the fact that they both had a mutual friend, it was the time and the moment that this friendship clicked from the first moment they met, both active personalities, full of energy, contemporaries, tastes and similar education, but both very different, united by passion for life, honesty, the desire to make a change in the world, contribute, communicate … Being different is normal and wonderful, when people seek and seek people with the same desires, tastes, even physical similarities or even influence others to be beyond imagining, manipulating even conditioning friendship to be more than symbiotic, to be imitated, this is a very common pathology and known, but rarely recognized by those who suffer from it, this is called being narcissistic to go beyond the reflection generating toxic and cyclical circuits where the circuit has few outputs, ALERT, you are just wonderful and unique, you do not have to be equal to anyone else, you just need to be you, they say that people know each other when they travel together … to travel you do not need money or vacation days, travel in the same city, run the risk of traveling and opening up saying what you like, want and dance!

Living and learning all the time!

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