Obviously Torrego was not going to live with the doubt that or who was DOTTI, brand that brings to the market the most desired fragrance in Brazil “PROFUSION”
The creator of this project is Jerson Dotti who positions his on behalf as one of the strongest and most competitive brands in the exclusive world of perfumery in the world, Brazil has never been an easy country to conquer, being one of the
the largest countries in the world, unique in speaking Portuguese in America, and with a population of more than 200M people, makes any type of product that can enter the market is an achievement, with a creative vision, Dotti takes the risks calmly however with great care and goes with everything in every project that is put in the mind.

Dotti tells how the project was born because it gave the name of “PROFUSION” to this genderless fragrance that is in the top ten and goes without doubt to the world with the same proposal and daring, because to bet on perfumery when there are other markets easier to face the difficulties or challenges? Let Dotti himself talk about it.

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