“From the wooden residential floors to the large sports infrastructure works, the RECOMA has the correct floor and almost
40 years of experience for your project ”
Not only as a leading company with wooden or sports floors also Acting as Civil Construction since 2004, RECOMA® independently concluded various types of works, including schools, public squares, training centers, complete Olympic villages and large sports ventures, contemplating the differentiated structures such as, for example, sports gyms, concrete and asphalt bases (CBUQ) for athletics tracks, skate tracks, official Olympic swimming pools, velodromes and even multipurpose arenas and arenas.
We have a complete technical body, with architects, engineers, construction masters, and specialized technicians in each of the phases of the work, the development of the project, foundation, structure, masonry, electrical, hydraulic, finishing, urban planning and landscaping, until the delivery of the keys.
Throughout the years, we developed experience in the execution and supplies related to the following engineering services and projects:
• Bases and earthwork:
• Natural Grammars, Drainage and Irrigation Systems:
• Accommodations, Dining Rooms and changing rooms:
• Public Schools and Places:
• Olympic Vilas and Training Centers:
• Multipurpose Stadiums, Gyms & Sands
• Among others
Sergio talks about the values and the mission of the company: Providing Brazilian athletes with training and competition conditions equivalent to, or superior to, those available to international competitors.

As well as future plans and how governments around the world are more and more attentive to the care of their athletes and the infrastructure they have to have so they can give their best, RECOMA has already participated in the most important sporting events in the world, Brazil to mention just one of the projects was present at the Olympics with the preparation of the main stables, pistes, pools and even in the stands with the most advanced technology in the world, with the optimization of space and offering the best for both for the public and for the athletes.
The values of the company
• Quality
• Performance
• Durability
• Innovation
• The sustainability

This subject shows how important it is to keep up-to-date and accompanying the global rhythm in residential, corporate or sports constructions and needs in order to be always at a competitive level in the world as well as to stay in the choice and preference of consumers.

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