Some people may argue that social media has negative consequences, others that it is a positive element in our lives. We can be connected with friends all over the world, we can make new friends and get to know them. That is really something amazing!
The moment we create a post and we are instantly rewarded with the “likes” obtained, something inside of us feels simply excited, we can publish a photo in instagram, with the certain hashtags we begin to see the likes coming in.

Dopamine is the chemical in our brain associated with the stimulus and reward / pleasure center of our brain, it is not only about pleasure and reward, but about learning and memory, the reward of having our public image and obtaining a “like”, post shared or commented is something that our brain captures, this has a snowball effect in our brain and we begin to have a conditioned stimulus. We have defined the expectation of a reward for each publication. Dopamine is released because we seek reward, research shows that more activity occurs in the brain when we are anticipating a reward.

Dopamine and social media have another relationship. Uncertainty / unpredictability We create a post, an image, with sagacity and hashtags, but what we can not control, what we can not know is the answer that people will have.
We see comments and maybe even win some followers. But what happens if a post has only 15 likes?

Dopamine is installed and instead of creating content that lets our creative soul breathe, people are more concerned about the success of each publication, think about the recent success of many profiles in IG, in followers and in the likes of a day for others have, most is a fake or “bought” “success”, but even so that also feeds dopamine as the fierce beast it is, the more you use the brain the more you need that feeling of “success” … that shot of dopamine that becomes increasingly addictive.

I hope you take into account what is happening, why and maybe reflect on what is happening, take a moment and do not worry about so much for the “likes”.

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