Ryan Gosling passion for racing and good taste


Ryan Gosling definitely is not only known for his participation in La La Land, who did not fall in love with him in the movie “Diary of a Passion” … In the end let’s not go into detail because we would certainly talk about vaaaaaaar films not simply these two , this Actor, filmmaker and Canadian musician, began his career as a child actor in the Disney Channel program at the Mickey Club and today is undoubtedly a reference, everything he does echoes in society and in his followers that we are many worldwide. I would use it as a reference for the proper use of a regatta because … POOOOOOR AMOOOR OF GOD !!!!!!! we find ourselves with every thing on the street, which gives even other people’s sorrow.

Well first of all my dear friends from all over the world, understand that there are rules of etiquette up to the use of a regatta, I know that for many it is a basic tool to showcase your “well-worked body”, the regatta is first and foremost a any men’s wardrobes, however there are some details that we must not forget before going out on the street wearing it.

A race must have an opening that shows a maximum of 7.5 cm. of the area of ​​the union of the arm and the thorax or armpit as you better understand.

It has to have a certain ease in the region of the chest, by that I mean, that in any way it can be tightened in the region of the chest as beautiful as you have it ok? Obviously, I NEVER see that I put it in capital letters, it can NEVER be so loose that you can see your nipples, this is no longer a regatta, nor do I know what it would be, a cloth hanging on the body for sure, no more that this, no matter how wonderful and well-crafted you have your body, this region my dear friends, is not to show off wearing a regatta, leave something in the imagination POOOOOOR AMOOOR OF GOD !!!!!!!

I recommend the basic and smooth colors for the use of regattas, however feel free to use the one that goes most with your face, remember that this so famous piece in the whole world is even prohibited in some countries to enter in public places, because it is my dear friends that same, think well before traveling alone with regattas, even if for you it is the best way to show yourself and let your marvelous arms, shoulders and pectorals be marked, it is a PROHIBITED piece for enter restaurants, theaters, churches and many other public places that you can not imagine, so let me give you a tip; they can use it everywhere … How? with a jacket or a shirt, if the regatta is smooth it can be a plaid shirt or striped over it, if it is a print I suggest that they be more generic prints like flowers, leaves or fun images, in this case you can accompany them, the one of shirts in plain colors, and if it is with jacket I recommend the striped ones in two colors, or smooth colors of preference.

I will not speak any more and I will let the pictures speak for themselves, this young actor gives us a chair on how to use it.

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