We can not miss the opportunity to meet the young Brazilian singer-songwriter Rossini super invited to discover in this video what brings as proposal for this 2019.

As a curious fact to know a little more of Rossini is worth commenting that he is working on the songs of his first show “Tríade”, in which he explores 3 moments during the presentation: birth, discoveries and transformations.

These moments are guided poetically by thoughts, poems and visual elements, leading in an intriguing way directly to each of the songs chosen for their TRÍADE SHOW. This format directly portrays his personal experiences, observations of his daily life and the internal reflections of how art helps personal transformation.

Let’s go straight to the most important to have a successful event “Tequila”, one of the most captivating musics of its current repertoire, this music became the first music video in the artist’s career. Set in a party that celebrates diversity in its many different facets, the clip brings fun moments with a strong and energetic chorus! Recorded entirely within the cultural space “Teatro Garagem”, in São Paulo, Brazil, art direction was by Nahara Teixeira, who transformed the cool look and feel of the place into a Mexican bar and a Latin party.

When talking about the idea, Rossini comments a little about how it all began:

 “I’ve always wanted to make a clip of this song with a party and I’m at a point in my life where celebration and gratitude are scattered in everything I breathe and sing. Joining this information, some friends who have always been with me and obviously this recording would not be the exception, participated next to me in this dream that today is a reality. What is valuable to me is that these people were with me even when I did not know the direction that would take my music or even the visibility of my work … Anyway, I showed the script to Victor the director of the clip and Dotti great partner and sponsor, CEO of DOTTI Perfumes, gratitude for believing in my work, together we aligned the possibilities to make this clip a real party. The energy of everyone in the place was incredible, and the recordings flowed much better than I had imagined. “

Special guest appearances included the renowned actress Anette Naiman, actress Francine Carvalho, Mister Tattoo Rodrigo Khrom, journalists Uiara Zagolín and Tania Voss, and actresses Jussara Maria and Bia Prado. The executive production was by Jeson Dotti, direction Victor Galvão and general production Dub Productions. The partnership with the DOTTI Perfumes brand remains for this work, since the brand has been following and supporting Rossini’s projects since 2018.



Para abrir os trabalhos

começar minha noite

esquentar esse clima

quero uma dose desse amor.

Preparando o terreno

contra quem tem veneno,

é legal, dá um barato,

experimente, não tem dor.

Ela te desata, te liberta,

vem sem pressa.

Vira aqui comigo, ela sabe como te fazer



é um rio que flui tudo o que é preciso

Tudo o que quero e que não digo.


te faz ficar soltinho, vai te deixar bem louco

que pra você é pouco.

Me gusta

me gusta

me gusta



Produção executiva: Jeson Dotti

Pré-produção e visita técnica: Rodrigo Pollozi

Direção: Victor Galvão

Direção de fotografia: Victor Oliveira

Direção de arte: Nahara Teixeira

Platô: Luci Vitoriano

Gaffer: Bruno Sardeli

Ass de Câmera: Eric Mudo

Patrocínio: Dotti Perfumes

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