As each edition Torrego was received by the dearest Vera Masi always with open arms, this affection is simply contagious to us and as we are almost imposible not being present in an event like that, the entrance really welcomes you with an stunning unique visual, always high conceptual and full of news, this time were to the “streets” since they brought this “vibe”: that gives the walking in the London streets or New Yorkers, with vibrant colors at the same time super groovy and the participants felt part of this unique “vibe” that only an event like the BIJOIAS can toast this time in its 82nd edition “URBAN”

Learn a little more about the project, when it was born and how it has grown over time, and the experiences of being active since 1990 without stopping with four editions a year.

To promote an innovative fair, which conceptually and commercially portrays the current situation of the consumer and the market … This was the idea motivated by the entrepreneur Vera Masi, director of B8 EVENTOS and creator of BIJOIAS, to structure what would become the biggest fair of the country’s business in jewelery, accessories, silver and steel jewelery, veneers and semi-jewels.

BIJOIAS adopted the ready-to-sell system and rethought the timing of the launches to meet the immediate wishes of the consumer – before even hearing about the term “cash and carry”

Because it is destined exclusively to retailers, resellers, wholesalers, distributors and professionals of the sector, BIJOIAS always focused on fomenting new business, in addition to impelling the divulgation of manufacturers on the rise. There are 4 thousand meters of fair divided between two floors, being the 4th floor with focus on jewelery and accessories and the 5th floor silver jewelry, jewels and semi-jewels.

Do not forget that in November we will have more of BIJOIAS!!!! We are curious about what Vera and her team have prepared for us in the next 83rd edition.


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