Every day we go through different opportunities to value those people who are at our side, that co-worker, family, friends, have the time to pay attention to those in many occasions is available giving us their time or attention … It seems to be the gift more valuable and expensive in the world, when many times a phone call, a message, a hello, could completely change the landscape of any relationship, professional or personal.

How many times we think:
I could call him!
I forgot to say thank you!
How long!
I’ll do it tomorrow!
Oh, I do not have time!

Many of our failures are to spend more time thinking about doing things, time passes at the same speed for everyone, happens to all in the same way, profits and losses are the sole responsibility of those involved in any kind of relationships, there is no time to redo when we have already been dismissed, time with the children, parents, friends, happens very fast, sometimes we have loved people who die and we stay with that taste in the mouth ah! I forgot to say that I was so grateful, I loved her and I never told her, or we lost a job because we are leaving aside our integration with our office colleagues and then we thought it would not have been so complicated to say good day or thanks, the small details mark and make all the difference that is a fact, letting go is becoming a habit and repentance a common and banal feeling, for the simple fact that it is one of the reactions that are most often lived in our time, never in history had such a constant incidence, forgot the “good habits”, education, courtesy and gratitude, the most painful is to listen some ones says… but I do not know what to do, our acts will always have a consequence to favor or against, but what is certain is that we will pay the price at any time.

Are we not living experiences that could be avoided?

What happened yesterday was already gone, regret does not count if we do not change patterns, we will start changing patterns and customs today, that tomorrow will be better… That is a fact! We are going to give a revalorized in our life and relationships, what we still have opportunity to do or say we open a space in our life agenda, so as not to have to go through losses or challenges without need.


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