Arilton Freitas tells us about the differences between Faculty, University or Centro Universitario, although the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between faculty and university. More than that, the Ministry of Education (MEC) classifies Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) into three types of academic organizations: Colleges, University Centers and Universities.

Should this affect your choice? It depends. If you intend to pursue an academic career, it may be worth investing in a University, because these institutions traditionally have a greater vocation for research. But if your intention is the labor market, the organization’s ranking should not be the deciding factor.

But after all, what is the difference between college and university? And university centers? To better understand the differences, first of all it is worth knowing that any Higher Education Institution is always, necessarily, above all, a Faculty. This is because Universities and University Centers are complexes formed by Faculties.

Universities need to develop at least four stricto sensu postgraduate programs (master’s and doctorate) to maintain this name. At least one of them must have a PhD. In addition, they can create several lato sensu graduate programs concurrently with those of the master’s and doctorate.

The college does not need to develop a postgraduate program, but if it chooses to offer it, it will be of specialization lato sensu.

The university and the college are types of higher education institutions. The main difference between them is while colleges are focused on a particular area of ​​teaching, such as health or exact, universities are more complete. These should concentrate three academic axes: teaching, research and extension.

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