In this first segment of E-INSIGHTS Torrego introduces us to the new talent of ESTOTV the Psychoanalyst Diana Dahre, who tells us about her career, life and how her experiences having lived in different countries has brought to her a much broader vision and global about what happens in the world, one of her deepest interests is to teach people to be happy, she has the wisdom of life that a happy person is a successful person and will bring profits in their life and profession whatever , that is, she is the founder of the Institute “Positive Life” where she studies and teaches the Science of Happiness and well-being!
Born in Brazil and educated in Sweden as the first country of residence and from there her life began to become a citizen of the world since she has lived in different countries, making besides the knowledge has the facility to communicate in seven different languages.
In this segment Torrego & Diana talk about their experiences of living in different countries, becoming “world-trotters” and influencers within a society that is often completely different from the one they were born to, today is the first program of this that will undoubtedly be one of the most beloved segments of ESTOTV’s audience, bringing along with its already millions of followers new followers with a desire to be happy and learn strategies to create their own paths to success in life.

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