NOM NOM is an innovative place at the moment only in Brazil, where his specialty is the “Bubble waffle” incredible bubble waffles known in several countries, now the Brazilian also we are sure and we believe that they knew perfectly to adapt and to adopt this proposal and incredible combination of fillings.

It’s like a textured waffle, this food can be stuffed to meet the most demanding customer, whether with sweet filling (nutella, fruit, chocolates, whipped cream, sprinkles, candy, snow, oreos, etc.) or salted (accompanied by cheese, pepperoni, ham, among other ingredients) is more or less like a sandwich, but much more elaborate and tasty.

But friends make no mistake besides their main product the “bubble waffle” here also has other options to accompany your NOM NOM as the delicious drinks, as the traditional coffee as well as different types of smoothies among other delicacies.

It’s a great place to meet and enjoy the afternoon, meet up with friends to chat and have fun, or have a good quiet place to study, work as a team, enjoy it with family or just take a TO-GO tour , these are among their many reasons to visit the facilities of NOM NOM. The space has bright colors, no doubt make a difference in your day.

A delicious NOM NOM has different options to be prepared, for example, has two different types of pasta are: the original that is vanilla the specialty of chocolate, which for chocolate fans like … Torrego clear! It is the ideal option.

It’s always good to try new things and if you’re like me, totally desirous of desserts, it’s impossible that after seeing this episode do not rush to try one of those “Bubble waffles” with nutella! Knowing Torrego’s good taste in desserts, I’m sure that’s enough reason to convince everyone to become fans of NOM NOM.

– I think I already know where we will make our meals for a week with everything and dessert obviously, is no doubt already on my list of favorite places during my stays in São Paulo! –

It is a place that pays special attention to the smallest details to provide excellent customer service is more than a service they lead you to make your visit a whole experience NOM NOM! The facilities are very nice for the taste of all the visitors. No doubt you will be a VIP customer, always have a smile to offer, also make sure to give them a perfect and tasty visual product.
Definitely worth going out of the diet to come and try the NOM NOM!

It was a pleasure for the ESTOTV team to get to know the NOM NOM learn more about the project and the mega talented entrepreneurs behind the new idea in Brazil, a delight to try out these “Bubble waffles” being innovative and breaking the rules is not simple, but rather very satisfactory when you see in the customers look the result!

It is amazing what impact a small idea can have once you put your mind to work with a clear goal, achieving it is an achievement, but it will certainly add to the successes these two entrepreneurs will definitely have in their career. Do not miss the opportunity to come and get to know them, a fact that we can learn a lot from them and just come and chat with them, I’m sure they are willing to answer your questions.

Unfortunately it’s all for now, but it was a pleasure to meet these two unstoppable entrepreneurs, meet their proposal and see how they do all the work from projection to product delivery in the hands of the customer, it’s a fact that we had a lot of fun with this experience , it is strongly recommended that you visit “NOM NOM”.
Keep an eye on everything that comes in ESTOTV that as always we are full of surprises. Also do not hesitate to look for NOM NOM in Instagram if you are already curious and you want to see a preview, because there they post videos, storys and photos constantly so that new or potential customers know even more about the NOM NOM that definitely this YUM YUM !!!
IG account: @nomnomoriginal.


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